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Mitutoyo is 1st choise for all measuring requirements. Teräskonttori offers a very wide variety of premium quality Mitutoyo products. 

Please see below the links to the different Mitutoyo mechanical measuring products.

Mechanical measuring (links to pdf files):

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Bowers produce a comprehensive series of bore gauges and internal measuring equipment.

Teräskonttori offers a wide variety of Bowers products. Please see below Bower catalogue and brochure for more information.

 Bowers brochure (pdf engl,1,2 Mb)
Bowers catalogue (pdf, engl)

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Kroeplin develops and produces handy, reliable and precise gauges for the measurement of lengths and thicknesses, especially for the metalworking industry. Kroeplin also offers customised solutions. Teräskonttori is your reliable Kroeplin partner in Finland.  

Kroeplin catalogue (en, pdf 2,7 Mb)
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E.D.A  is specialised in manufacturing precision levels.

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Teräskonttori offers the high-quality measuring tools and gauges from Ultra.

Ultra catalogue

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CV Instruments has portable hardness testers as well as table models for rubber, metals and plastics.

Download CV Instruments brochures

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Teräskonttori offers mechanical measuring products from Reglus. Please see the links below for more information.

Reglus product literature:

Leaflet Reglus Products and services
Leaflet Goniometers and angle indicators
Leaflet EDM-Electrode Holders
Leaflet collet chuck BF2

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